How it works

The idea is pretty simple, leaving the air conditioning running uses electricity. If the unit is only running whilst it is needed, then it is only using the amount of electricity it requires. Daikin wall mounted units with the Intelligent eye function have a small sensor located at the front of the unit. This sensor monitors the room for movement, when there has been no movement in the room around 20 minutes, then the unit automatically adjusts the setpoint by 2ÂșC. This will not let the room get too hot or cold, but will not work as hard as it now has a much wider temperature band. As soon as somebody enters the room, the unit switches back to it's normal operation. This is a very useful function if you forget to turn off the unit.

Intelligent Eye Sensor The sensor also has a second function, to monitor where people are in the room. This is extremely useful in preventing cold or warm air being blown directly at people, which can be uncomfortable. The sensor monitors the room and directs the air away from people, so the room is cooled or heated. The sensor also works in 3D, so not only is it able to direct the air left or right, but up or down too. All of this is controlled by a button on the remote control, which enables the sensor to control just the air direction or just the detection of room occupancy or both on/off. There is a display light on the front of the indoor unit, which shows that the operation is in use.

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