What is invloved

Regular maintenance of any type of air conditioning equipment will help to discover minor problems before they become major problems. The main areas which are covered during a routine maintenance visit are,

  • Air filters
  • Grilles and fascia panels
  • Evaporator chemical cleaning
  • Drain line/condensate pump operation
  • Fan operation
  • Temperature readings
  • Remote control operation
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Compressor operation
  • Electrical Tests
  • Cooling/heating change-over (if applicable)
  • Leak Testing
  • Visual inspection of pipework and pipe insulation

The most common problems with air conditioning systems are water leaks, caused by blocked drains/dirty condensate pump sensors. Poor cooling or heating, caused by dirty filters or refrigerant shortage and faults caused by improper installation. All of these faults would be much less likely to occur if the system was regularly maintained. The evaporator coils require regularly cleaning, with specially formulated coil cleaners, to kill any bacteria growth.

Even if the system does not develop a fault, regular maintenance will help to reduce running costs of an air conditioning unit. A system with dirty filters, for example, will take much longer to achieve its target temperature. This means the system uses more electricity and costs more to run. Another common issue discovered on maintenance visits is pipe insulation which has disintegrated, leaving the copper tube exposed. This causes a huge reduction in efficiency and wear. The same can be said for any number of the other components in the system. If they are not working to 100% of their design, then they are using more power than necessary, costing you more money than necessary

A system that has never been maintained, will invariable fail well before an equal system that has been regularly maintained. As parts get dirty and less efficient, the whole system has to work much harder, causing wear on the parts, especially the compressor, which eventually causes the system to fail. The duration between maintenance visits vary between sites. It is dependent on many factors, such as location and use of the system. AireFresco offer a maintenance contract for air conditioning equipment, from as little as 40€ per visit. If you would like to talk to us about maintaining your air conditioning equipment, then please contact us

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