Air Conditioning Myths

Like it or not we live in the era of Fake News where we’re constantly told that X is good and Y is bad only to be told the next day that the opposite is true. Gossip, rumor and fact are often confused these days and so I thought I would take some time to look at a few of the myths surrounding air conditioning and put the record straight, over the next few articles I'm going to be looking at some of the most common myths/misconceptions to do with Air Conditioning and setting the record straight. There are quite a few misconceptions out there so let's get cracking!

Part one: Can it make you sick?

In this first part, we look at a myth which says that Air Conditioning can make you ill, can it? Click here to find out!

Part Two: Is servicing worth it?

In part two we look to see if it is actually worth getting your air conditioning units serviced or if its just a waste of time. Click here to read more

Part Three: Is air conditioning expensive to run?

In part three we take a look to see if air conditioning really is expensive to run. If you've ever wondered this click here to find out more!

Part Four: Does “Energy efficient” automatically mean reduced cost?

In part four we look at how you can use your air conditioning units efficiently click here to find out more!

Part Five: Bigger is better, or is it?

In part five we look to see if in the air conditioing world bigger is in fact better of if size really does matter click here to find out more!

Part Six: Will using your air conditioning less make it last longer?

In part six we take a look at the myth which says that not using your air conditioning will make it last longer, will it? click here to find out more!

Part Seven: Does the location of your air conditioning unit matter?

In part seven we see if it really matters just where you install your air conditioning system. click here to find out more!

Part Eight: Are air conditioners are only meant for the summer?

If you thought that air conditioning was only for the summer, we've got news for you. click here to find out more!

Part Nine: The Cheap and Cheerful myth

In this article we tackle the good old cheap and cheerful myth. click here to find out more!

Part Ten: Is Air Conditioning Bad For The Environment?

Finally we tackle the biggest myth of them all, is air conditioning actually bad for the environment?. click here to find out more!

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