“Air conditioning is bad for the environment” Or is it?

This myth has been going around for quite sometime now and yet again its rooted firmly in falsehood. We’ve already established that air conditioning is in fact a most efficient way to heat and cool a room, using less power and thus lowering your carbon footprint. So how then is it bad for the environment? “Ah they use greenhouse gases!” comes the cry, and yes, yes they do. The refrigeration gases within air conditioning units and fridges are indeed bad for the environment and if these gases got into the atmosphere they would do nasty things, heat up the planet and contribute to problem of climate change. This is why it’s a good thing that air conditioning units are a sealed system, the gas never leaves the unit, it just goes around and around. Should the gas leak then yes this is very bad and another reason why you should only have professionals install your air conditioning systems, people with the right tools to make sure all the connections are properly made, and with the tools to check if the system is indeed leaking. One final note, if your system does have a leak it’s terribly important that the leak is actually fixed, just recharging the system is not enough!

And so there you have it, the most common myths about air conditioning cleared up, if you want a summarized version.
Air conditioning is good just make sure you use professionals and a little common sense.

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