Is Air conditioner servicing a waste of time and money?

No, it is very much the opposite of that. Having your air conditioning regularly serviced not only stops the build up of harmful and foul smelling bacteria and fungi but also keeps it in full working order. The dirtier the system is, the harder it has to work, the shorter its lifespan. There is more than just the cleanliness of the system to consider as well, it is very common for the exterior unit to placed on the roof of a villa, a place where people don’t often go. This means the build up of rust often goes unnoticed until it is far too late to fix. There is also the condensate pump to consider (if you have one) or the drain. Both need some attention as the sun can play havoc with plastic tubing, causing it to errode and pumps need to be regularly cleaned lest they get blocked and cease function. See our article on air conditioning maintenance for more information. Necessary maintenance prevents unnecessary problems.

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