“Energy efficient” automatically means reduced costs

Well yes and no, let me explain. Air conditioning units as we know (or should do if you read the previous article) consume less than they put out, however, this doesn’t mean you can run them at 110% and expect them to still be saving you money. Machines are only as smart as the people using them, set your air conditioning to a reasonable temperature and you wallet will be happy. All units can be set down to below 20°c but they shouldn’t be, not only is this not a comfortable temperature to be at in the home but the unit will have to work hard to get the room that cold and keep it there. Somewhere in the region of 21-23°c is comfortable, will feel cool and is obtainable. If you’re wondering why the unit can be set that low if you’re not supposed to set it that low then I applaud your question, but it is for the same reason the speedo in your car goes up to 220 kph, you should never go that fast but it is nice to think that you could. Also if you do need to cool or heat a room quickly some units have a “Powerful” mode, this forces the unit to run at 100% for around twenty minutes, quickly dropping or raising the temperature of the room, after which the unit drops back into normal operation and then just has to maintain the temperature, which is much easier to do.

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