“Your air conditioner will run efficiently, no matter where and how you install it.”

I was quite surprised to hear that some people think this, you won’t be surprised by my response, completely untrue. In order for your air conditioning to work properly it will require two things (leaving pipes and cables out of the equation for now) air in and air out, it cannot move air unless it is got some air to move. This means if you install the unit in a tight space the amount of air moved will be severely limited. If the inlet is blocked then the unit won’t be able to pull enough air across the coil, meaning all that lovely coolness will stay on the coil, quickly becoming less lovely coldness then even less lovely ice. By the same token if the air outlet is blocked (by a wall, a supporting beam, etc) then the air will simply bounce back into the unit and cool it down, causing the unit to believe it has done its job and cooled the room and will then switch off only to turn back on again in a few minutes when it realizes somehow the room has heated up again and the cycle repeats.

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