The “Cheap and cheerful” myth

Oh this is a good one because it's sort of true and untrue at the same time! Basically in the short term, yes, cheap and cheerful air conditioning units do exist and yes they are a viable option. However (there is always an however in these matters) it doesn't actually make sense to go the cheap and cheerful route. The unit itself might cost you a few hundred euros let's say 300€ as a nice round figure, in about eighteen months the unit will be past its best and will need replacing, providing it hasn't broken before then and you've had to shell out for new parts (which will be about half the price of the unit depending what they are, if they're available at all). Within a couple of years you’ve bought the unit several times, paid for installation each time and racked up what it would have cost you to get a non-cheap and cheerful unit, which if you’d had it maintained would still be working like it was new. This doesn’t take into consideration the running costs either which are much higher with these cheaper systems. There is also the argument of buying something cheap and then getting something “proper” later down the line, but all you’re doing is adding 300€ onto the cost of the already more costly option, and you have to have the same installation done twice. So yes you can get “Cheap and Cheerful” units, but they don’t stay cheap for long and this will remove any cheerful feelings you may have had.

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