Below you will find articles written by AireFresco sharing our knowledge and experience to help you better understand certain aspects of the air conditioning field

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Holiday Rental Controls

In this article we offer our advice on the problem many holiday let owners face of guests leaving the air-con running, resulting in high running costs.

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The right unit for you

There are many different brands, styles, capacities and technologies available with air conditioning equipment, we will give our experience as to what is best and what to avoid in our opinion.

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Our maintenance visits help to ensure that your system is working correctly and safe. Without regular maintenance, mould and bacteria growth can cause serious health issues.

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What's an inverter?

In this article we explain what an inverter system is and how it can benefit you by reducing running costs and power consumption.

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Heating Your Home

Air conditioning is one way to heat your home in Lanzarote, but is it the best way? We take a look at various different options and compare them to see which is the most economical way.

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SEER - The new way to measure efficiency

Energy efficiency ratings for air conditioing systems has recently changed. We look at the new system and explain how it works

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FAQ - Air conditioning myths

An articles in which we look at the myths and misconceptions surrounding air conditioning.

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