rental controls

Specialists in rental controls

At AireFresco, we specialize in holiday rental controls. We design and manufacture our own unique customs control systems through our sister company Xenaire. We develop products that help property owners control the usage of air conditioning systems, whilst at the same time providing an easy to use and convenient system for guests.

We have written an article which explains the different types of control systems and their pros and cons. You can view it here .



Limiter Module

The XJV-1 modules allow for limits to be set on compatible air conditioning systems. These limits include minimum temperature setting, maximum temperature setting, disable of cooling or heating modes, maximum runtime setting and lock feature to disable the air conditioning. The module fits inside of the air conditioning system and is completely hidden from the clients. These features vastly reduce the running costs of the air conditioning system. These modules are only compatible with Panasonic and Daikin systems.

Price: 65€


Coin Meter
coin meter

This coin meter works with Euros only (1€ and 2€) and will not accept other coins or tokens. When the coin meter has credit available, the air conditioning can be used as normal. When the credit runs out, the power will be cut to the air conditioning and cannot be used again until more credit is entered.

Price: 265€